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Maximize your earning potential by joining Ashton Gray Investments’ Referral Program. With a substantial reward for every successful referral, you can leverage our proven track record in real estate investment, including lucrative opportunities in U.S. real estate investment market. Our strategic approach and comprehensive market analysis ensure optimal returns, making it a win-win for both you and your network. Don’t miss out on this chance to maximize your earning potential while contributing to your friends’ and associates’ financial growth. Start referring today and unlock a wealth of opportunities!

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Selectively Defined


4 Step Process

We uncover prime opportunities not yet on the market. Each project undergoes a deep dive analysis and


Become part of our exclusive Referral Program and gain access to lucrative investment opportunities before they hit the market.


Leverage your network to refer investors and unlock rewards. Each successful referral opens doors to prime investment prospects.


Earn generous rewards for each successful referral, enhancing your earning potential and maximizing your investment portfolio.


Stay updated on your referrals' progress and rewards earned through our intuitive tracking system, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Burning Qs, Our Bright As

At Ashton Gray Investments, we are transparent with everything we do. Get your questions answered in the FAQ section. Got more questions? Reach out to us.

Every Investment LLP/Ltd company is registered with ROC. Investments are made to U.S LLP/LP/LLC through RBI -ODI (Overseas Direct Investment) Process.

The process is straightforward. Register on the dashboard, complete KYC, review the available opportunities, and invest. Upon payment, you will be receiving your Investor Agreement and LLP Agreement. Payment is made via cheque or RTGS after agreement execution. You can contact our investment expert for more information at +91 97519 55555.

Ashton Gray offers fixed monthly payouts of 10% from the project's start to completion, with the balance of 8% paid at the project's end along with principal payments.

Ashton Gray plans to raise only 5-10% of the total project value in the U.S., allowing them to manage unexpected risks effectively. They have factored in currency fluctuations and market situations while structuring the payouts. Additionally, as the projects are pre-sold, it significantly minimizes associated risks.

NRIs can invest in Ashton Gray by utilizing their NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary) account in India to earn their passive income.

There are no undisclosed fees or additional charges. Ashton Gray will cover all supplementary expenses.

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