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Babu Prasath
Babu Prasath CEO, Lavendel Consulting
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I have always dreamt of investing outside India but I never knew anything about it until I got introduced to Ashton Gray Investments. The concept was exciting for me as it fills the gap in the market. Being in India I wanted to try investing in USA and to find out the best investment opportunities. So finally there is a company with a set of experts with the best strategies to invest abroad. It’s a blessing for me and my dream to invest in USA has come true with Ashton Gray. Based on my experience, it has been phenomenal. So I have introduced a few of my friends to Ashton Gray and they have also invested with them. If you want to invest outside India, I would be happy to recommend Ashton Gray Investments.
Sudarsan Surajmul
Sudarsan SurajmulCredit Risk Analyst, Swiss Re
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I am absolutely delighted with Ashton Gray's service and product offering. I could have never imagined that investing in a property in the U.S market from India can be so simple and seamless especially without worrying about the paperwork. What really further impressed me was the lower ticket size of the investment and seamless end to end investment process. Ashton's deep knowledge and expertise in the US real estate market is an icing on the cake. I gladly recommend my fellow investor community to your services as I think this is a best diversification of investment that one can have in their portfolio.
Vignesh Upadhyaya
Vignesh UpadhyayaDistinguished Engineer, Aruba HP Enterprise Company
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Anybody having a little surplus cash and wants good return, this is excellent. And for those who are expecting the fixed monthly/quarterly payouts, this is better in terms of manageability as most of heavy lifting done by Ashton Gray team. The overall process is so simple, I liked it.
Januarius Rayan
Januarius RayanManager, ABT Limited
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I am really impressed by the profile of the Ashton Gray founder Mr. Sudharshan Vembutty. It gives me great confidence that my money is in safe hands. All through the process the dealings were very professional and courteous. I would love to invest more in this great organization.
R. Krishnasamy
R. KrishnasamyBusiness Owner
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I was into the textile business in Udumalpet and am living a retired life for the past 10 years. I am 75 years old, I have rental income from my buildings and am not doing any business now. In today’s situation, the Banks give you an interest of 5.6% and an addition of 0.5% for senior citizens. This does not help us meet out even our family expenses. I came across Ashton Gray Investments through my friend. I heard that they are into the Real Estate business in the US. They give an annualized returns of 18%. So I highly recommend them. I have invested Rs.10,00,000. I plan to see how this goes and then I am willing to invest again with them. They honour their words and trustworthy. Hence, I recommend this investment to anyone who wants to earn higher returns.
Suriyanarayanan Founder & CEO, Enterprise IT Solutions
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I came to know about Ashton Gray through my professional network. When I had a discussion with the team at AGI India, I was excited and impressed by the whole business model. When I dug to learn more about Ashton Gray, I got to see that they’re registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India and the business comes under the purview of RBI. In the USA as well, they are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Moreover, the Founders are from this region, which provided that local connection. These aspects gave me the confidence to make my first investment with Ashton Gray.
Sunitha Joe
Sunitha Joe Business Owner, Attire Hunters
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An Investment with good returns within a short period is what me and my husband were looking for. It was in Jan 2022, my friend told me about Ashton Gray Investments with whom she had already invested for quite a period. Initially it was hard for me to believe the percentage of returns offered by Ashton Gray. But when I got an opportunity to meet the founders, all my doubts got clarified. They have a well trained team to clear any doubts and provide the services required. What attracted me the most is the timeframe of the project, percentage of returns and adherence to the legal terms and conditions.

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